Open evening!

Improvisation and performances eveningsama jamGet in touch with unusual, yet unexperienced movement, music and dance!
To begin – 30 minutes of performances (contact improvisation, some extractions of Choreography of Samadeva, Gurdjiefff dances) – you’ll have something to watch at, to be surprised, to be inspired.
And then – free dancing (with contact or without, as you wish), with a wonderful piano mucis improvised by our friend Wolfram from Austria!
So let’s meet, moved by the life movement into the dance with the others! 🙂


18945301_10213937580020279_1584961837_nMusic of the evening with our friend Wolfram Maria Schröckenfuchs from Austria. His sounds of piano enlightens happiness, joy and desire to dance!
Wolfram Maria Schröckenfuchs has a masterclass degree in commercial graphic design from Higher Technical Education Institute Linz, Austria; worked in Vienna at several advertising agencies; is nowadays running his own creative company.Wolfram is also a largely self thought composer / musician who likes to play piano since the age of four … some years later: Involvement with Jazz rhythm, harmony, arrangement and improvisation. Recent collaborations with pros, e.g.: “5 Miniatures for Cembalo & Recorder”, each not longer than 2 minutes. Wolfram actually focuses on minimal musical forms following a ‘design concept’ that can be found everywhere in the nature: »Strength through repetition – beauty through variation.« Music makes happy – that simple!